We want you to experience the student life of Freiburg, so we are doing our best to offer you a very special cultural and social program, planned around the academic program of the ELSA Freiburg Spring Conference!

The main aim of the social and cultural program is to give the participants the opportunity to experience Freiburg, the surrounding area and it’s culture. Also, we want to give everyone staying with us the opportunity to get to know each other, further discuss the topics covered by the academic program and last but not least to have a great time during the ELSA Freiburg Spring Conference.

After the official opening of the conference, an introductory lecture and the welcoming reception, we want to immerse you into the Freiburg Party Scene. Starting with a few rounds of Beer Pong at a bar, the location will later turn into a club and the ELSA Freiburg Spring Conference Party begins.

On Friday we will spend the whole day in Strasbourg, France. For you to get a good look at the city we are planning a guided boot tour around the beautiful old parts as well as the modern EU institutions. After having typical food for dinner – Alsace Tarte Flambée – we have prepared a Pub-Quiz relating to the topics of the Conference. As we are not quite sure yet what time we will be back in Freiburg we suggest a pub-crawl in Freiburg for those of you who want to further experience in the Freiburg nightlife.

After lunch on Saturday we will give you a guided tour of our beautiful city and all its landmarks. For the evening we have something very special planed. As ELSA Freiburg is famous for it’s gala nights, we want you to have a first hand experience and have planned a Gala night especially for you located in the historic Peterhofkeller of the university! So come prepared and bring your tux or evening gown.

The fees cover the full cultural and social program during conference. Additionally, we have planned a special pre- and after conference program at a small extra cost if you arrive a night early or stay for an extra night. We have so far planned a brewery tour, wine tasting, a visit to the local beer garden and a BBQ.